European context of modern spatial planning: Berlin and London in focus


webinar of Tkachenko

On November 24, 2020, within the GRETERE project open lecture by the invited expert Ludmila Tkachenko "The World and European context of modern territorial planning (Examples of an integrated approach to territorial development)" took place in online format. Tkachenko L. Ya. (PhD in Urban Sciences) is Advisor to the General Director of GUP MO "NIIP town-planning", Advisor of the Russian Academy of Architecture and Construction Sciences, expert of the International organization for standardization ISO ТК268 "Sustainable City and Community," presented the systems of spatial planning in Berlin and London and the opportunity of applying their experience in planning of Russian cities.

Both countries – Germany and the United Kingdom - have developed and continue to develop sustainable development strategies in which SDG11 (comfortable cities) is one of the key ones due to the large urban influence on the development of the country and world as a whole. Environmental priorities, the preservation and development of public spaces, the preservation and development of the green and blue belt of the German capital, and the settlement of migrants occupy a special place in the development of the Berlin-Brandenburg agglomeration. More than 40% of the UK  territory is designated as specially protected areas at the national level, and this has kept the green belt of London at the peak of development and urbanization.
Much attention is paid to the waste management system of both countries. An important principle is the disposal of MSW within the region where it is produced. No region can parasitize and export its waste outside its region/district/land, etc. Special attention is paid to the preservation of cultural heritage sites in the planning of London's development. The development strategy for London includes the creation of multiple centers and the development of industrial zones since these are actually places where labor is applied and jobs are created.

The next lecture by Tkachenko L. Ya. on the topic "World and European context of modern territorial planning" will be held on December 1 and will be devoted to the experience of France and planning the development of Paris and Lion.