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On June 25, 2021, an online meetup "Practices of Applying BIM&GIS Technologies" was organized by the MIIGAiK R&D Student Research and Educational Center as part of the GRETERE project. (This event was planned as one of the sections of the GRETERE Final Conference but has to be postponed to a later date and the format was changed to online due to COVID-19).
Three topics were presented for discussion by the participants of the meeting:
BIM Trends in BIM technologies. The future is coming (World and European policy and best practices) - by associate Professor of the Department of Space Monitoring and Ecology, Head of the MIIGAiK R&D Center, Ph.D. Galina Kuznetsova;
Why do we need BIM technologies? Integration of BIM & GIS at the level of the information model - by the General Director of JSC "Operator spatial data and services", the main expert of the Technical inspection EES, Ph.D. Sergey Serebryakov)
The experience of using photogrammetry for BIM (Review of domestic and foreign scientific publications) – by associate Professor of the Department of photogrammetry, Ph.D. Tatiana Skripitsyna.
The participants discussed European approaches, strategic and technological recommendations for the promotion of BIM, developed by the European EUBIM target group, European case studies that clearly demonstrate the principles of  BIM technologies usage in construction, transport, and other areas, as well as trends in the development of BIM technologies in the world. An interesting issue for discussion, which "did not let leave" of the participants even after the meetup, was the statement that BIM is not only technology but above all a philosophy. And before you start using them, you need to ask the question "Why and for what" it is necessary, "For whom and why" it is important.
The participants discussed the problems and preferences of users of BIM technologies, what benefits and at what stage of the design and operation of the object are received by companies that apply these technologies in practice.
It should be emphasized that building a 3D model of an object is not yet BIM. Joining the time (4D) and information (5D, 6D) components to the 3D model, combining BIM&GIS, and entering data management makes this model really important and useful at all stages of the object's life cycle and its interaction with the environment.
The organization of interdisciplinary interaction (or, more precisely, the interaction of specialists from various subject areas) is one of the key tasks that BIM allows to solve at all stages of the life cycle of an object as a whole.
The participants of the meeting briefly touched upon the use of UAVs and the use of photogrammetric methods to create 3D models of existing buildings and adjacent landscapes, as well as the reconstruction of lost buildings. It was very interesting to get acquainted with the experience of colleagues from Cyprus in two aspects:
use of UAVs to monitor some of the parameters laid down in the developed BIM, during the construction of highways;
mapping of the historical buildings-HBIM=historical building information model.
You can listen to and watch the meeting online in more detail on the MIIGAiK R&D Centeryoutube channel. 

Trends in BIM technology. The future is coming. World and European politics and best practices (Dr.Galina Kuznetsova) 
BIM&GIS.INTEGRATION (Dr. Sergey Serebryakov) 
Experience in the application of photogrammetry for BIM. Review of domestic and foreign publications (Dr. Tatyana Skrypitsyna)